Adventure: Get Greeky

This past weekend, my family attended a Gala to support my Greek Orthodox elementary and middle school in Houston, Texas. The theme was "Legends". My family decided to fit into this theme as Gods and Goddesses, and no joke, we were dressed to the nines. My Dad looked like Cesar, my Mom was Athena, my younger sister, Mel and I were goddesses and we rolled in there as one Greeky family.

Mind you - not as many people dressed up. We are surrounded by black bow ties, ruffled floor-length cocktail dresses and a Marilyn Monroe here and there. See our family image below...

Needless to say, we had the BEST time! We rocked our outfits, we later rocked that dance floor and if there were a best dressed contest - I would have awared it to us.

You just got to have fun with life.

Every day.

Adventures, HappinessJacki Carr