Adventure: Get to a National Park. As Fast as you Can.

Sometimes you have to pack up the back of your best friend's Prius with sleeping bags, backpacks and Camelbaks, snacks and beer to get to a National Park as fast as you can! My best friend, Chris New, my boyfriend, Chris Hynes and myself made it to Yosemite this past weekend.  We took off Thursday morning early to have a long weekend in the park to hike, explore and breathe in that fresh mountain air.

There is something about the elevation, the sunsets and the fact that my Blackberry got barely a bar of service that really allows the National Parks to take a tight grip on the heart, embrace you in the amazing environment that is Mother Nature and push you to limits you and your legs had no idea were possible. 

Yosemite's expansive valley and tall peaks make you feel small, in the best way.  There is a level of R-E-S-P-E-C-T that these National Park demand.  The power of glaciers, the mental game the wind can play at the hight point of a trek, and the moment when the sun starts to push out the night during your third hour of your first hike.  Or the coming together of friends over a breakfast buffet, that first sip of beer/red wine after that 12 hour hike and the moment you smile and realize that the mountains really do call for the best conversation.

It is magic.

Get to a National Park.  As fast as you can.  Feel small.  Breathe it in.  Connect.  And have that R-E-S-P-E-C-T.