Adventure: Hashtag Honesty

A friend gave me notes to consider for my life this morning.  He got honest, stated how I was showing up in our conversation, and gave me the real dirt.  See below and borrow if needed (the notes, not my friend): 1)  When was the last time you sat still - maybe read for 3 hours?  #slowdown

2) Have gratitude for what you have and step back and look at the big picture.  #celebrateyou

3)  Stop over-analyzing.  Period.

4)  Search for that sweet spot that is compassion.  #loveyourself

5) Stop rushing to and looking for what is next, enjoy the journey.  #bepresent

6)  Buy a journal - write what you are grateful for every morning.  #gratitudejournal

7)  "Call me more", he says.  Rad communication = Rad friendship.  #pickupthephone

8)  Comparison KILLS.  #createYOURlife

9) Expectations versus reality.  #thinkaboutit


Note:  we were only together for some 4 hours.  Rad friends cause radical vibrations in your life.  Find them, ask them, thank them.