Adventure: Love, Support and Casserole

I know. Long time not post. Happy New Year. I hope you have set some powerful intentions and big, audacious goals for 2011!

I write to you from my home-home in Houston, Texas. I flew home Tuesday evening to be with my family as my Mom is going into surgery on Wednesday morning, which she is going to ROCK right through.

I wanted to share with you the overwhelming gratitude I feel to be home at this time.

Here is why: there is a crinkled sheet of printed paper sitting on the bar in our kitchen. There are calendar dates, names and dinner materials on this list. Some scribbled names have been added in the past couple days in all different handwriting. As I look closer at the paper, I realize through my eyes welling and fogging up my trendy glasses that my Mother's amazing friends and AOS family have volunteered to provide dinner while my Mom is in recovery. I am talking dinner through February 6. Her surgery is January 18. That is a lot of LOVE in cooked casseroles, greek entrees, roasted chickens, Pappasitos deliveries....

My boyfriend always says the best meals are meals made with love. Well, my Mom sure has a lot of love and support pulling her through.

I am so grateful. Thank you to all of our family friends.

Please, never ever underestimate the power of love, family support, and casseroles.