Adventure: Peace Ride on a Vespa

Fact:  I am over-stimulated on a daily bases.  I usually have between 5-7 tabs going on my one computer screen, a mobile device next to my laptop,meeting new people daily, perhaps a Pandora station playing in the background and don't even get me started on the facebook mini-feed - it is one tab on the screen alone! OVERstimulated.

I realized this evening on my ride home the beautiful feeling of peace on a motorized scooter.  After dreaming, telling my friends and google image shopping for 8+ years, I finally plunged and bought my very own Navy Blue with a Tan seat Vespa scooter.  And of course, a large, uber protective, Ivory colored NOLAN helmet with a racing stripe and Blue tinted visor.

Now, I absolutely adore my scooter and the answer to your question in your head right now is "yes, yes I do feel ridiculously awesome on it" and "yes, it is some times scary to drive in Los Angeles traffic".  Not sure what the scooter language of head-over-heels-in-love would be, as that is exactly the opposite of what I want to be when riding - perhaps, feet-on-flat-board-in-love or, right-hand-revving-in-love ... but I am that.  And today, was the cherry to top my Vespa cake.

So, knowledge for you: when helmet shopping - you want it to fit snug around the good old noggin but not so much to feel brain-suffocated.  With the proper fit, you will embark upon the ride that is profound peace.  No radio, absolutely no cell phone use and no talking.  Just me, a couple horn honks here and there and the self-rock-out-karaoke session of Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical".  It happens people, and it is radical and it is my peace ride.

How ironically beautiful and almost unreal that the most peaceful part of my day is actually bobbing and weaving through the crazy streets of LA, singing to myself outloud.

I challenge you to this peace ride.  

 Get in your car, put your phone on silent and in the glove box, turn off the blaring radio, roll down the windows and breathe in, breathe out and sing outloud.