Adventure: See Love. Feel Loved.

I have really amazing friends. The most amazing-est, if I do declare. My boyfriend claims I throw the "best friend" title around. I disagree.

The past holiday of Thanksgiving, one of my best friends, Chris New joined my family for the week of celebration, giving thanks and over-eating. It was his second time at the Thanksgiving dinner table and I think my parents are ready to adopt him and call him their own. Even though I am close friends with his family and they would freak out - so don't worry Doretta, we won't steal. ;)

Now, I wanted to share what I realized with Chris being in town that weekend. My brain moves fast. I have constant inner (and outer) chatter and its so darn loud. So with Thanksgiving and holidays quickly approaching - I can go a million different directions:

"OMG, I am going to gain at least 5 pounds"

"Maybe I should just check a couple emails"

"Black Friday shopping...ahhh!"

"holiday stress"

"why does my face break out when I travel, ugh!?"

"it is so HOT in Houston - it doesn't feel like Christmas!"



But, instead ... I went a different direction. I glanced over the large red L-couch in my family room at my Houston home and saw my sisters and best friend, Chis. Bellies full, eyes heavy from turkey, and smiling. In that moment, my heart was full. I chose to see love and feel love. My best friend flew to my home to share Thanksgiving with me and my family. And by share Thanksgiving - I mean, over eat, surprise my Mom and Dad, bike ride with me, over eat again, laugh, watch every Christmas film ever made, laugh more, over eat leftovers, sake bomb, high five and laugh more.

Make a choice to see love. Feel love.

Happy Holidays!