Adventure: the Great-Life-with-Laughter Table

Well, last November I bought a dream kitchen table.  You know the picnic table style: stained and recycled wood, pull out benches, seats 6-8 people...big, wide, wooden beautiful. I saw the table at the Melrose Trading Post, a must-go for all of you LA residents!  I ran my hand across the top and for a moment, I daydreamed of friends filling the table, wine glasses full, delicious food and laughter, so much laughter just pouring out of my open apartment windows.   I was in an apron and at the oven... *record scratch*... I am not a cook, much less own an apron!  Sigh, oh yes!  I have a boyfriend that is absolute magic in the kitchen - daydream record back on.  So, Chris by the oven and there I am, refilling wine glasses. chiming in on conversation and hosting.  It was a radical visual.

So yes, I might have broken the monthly budget with awful timing, approaching holiday travel and Christmas shopping, but I bought that "great-life-with-laughter" table.  It happened on the spot.

Now, all we needed was hungry friends to fill it!  Never mind that we really don't even own a full set of wine glasses, or proper plate and bowls yet..that will come with time. 

So, this past week, our table runneth over.  Chris and I hosted a dinner party with friends and every spot was taken with an ottoman pulled up to the table's end for extra seating.  #bliss

I turned around at one moment in the course of the evening with a wine bottle in my hand, laughter pouring from the table out the window, delicious smells coming from the oven that Chris was standing by and I just smiled.  Well, I smiled and then did a mild freak out  and chanted my excitement to our friends that our table was full for the very first time ever.  Friends laughed again. 

My daydream record had become a real life record.  It's such a beautiful thing when that happens.  I say keep daydreaming and some times, you just have to jump, make the purchase and make life happen from there!

And, we even had a surprise birthday song that evening.  Oh, how I love the great-life-with-laughter table.