Adventure: the Radical Force of Quiet

It was my birthday this past week.  It was lovely, I really look forward to even number years, not sure what that is about. My sweet boyfriend woke me up early in the morning to surprise me with my favorite fresh-baked muffins and a red and white bag on the table awaiting my aggressive present-opening style.  I looked at the muffins and the present, half awake and went for the bag.  As I tore open the gift, I saw what was inside was much, much more than he knew he was giving me.  For in that bag with red tissue and the word, love written all over it was the gift of quiet.

What?  How did he wrap that up?  How did he know?

Well, in actuality, the gift is a year membership to a Holistic Spa in Santa Monica (I know, he is a total keeper).  There are togas to wear with those weird spa sandals, three different and very awesome infrared saunas, a clothing optional (super hippie) jacuzzi with a nearby sweet-smelling eucalyptus steamroom ...  It is a dream really.  But the common denominator in all these rooms and fun amenities is the all too demanding and utmost radical force of quiet.

I walked in this past week for my first visit and fell instantly in love with the aforementioned details.  They had that spa music playing on low volume in the background and all these fresh-faced estheticians walking around.  The loudest sound I heard while I was there was me, and it was my heart beating or I was chomping on an apple.  I literally felt the tight yarn ball that is my body begin to unwind for each moment I sat in the sauna rooms.  My shoulders began to peel layers of some non-existant heavy weight, my back opened with deep breath and my legs literally went to JELL-O.  I almost cried.  Okay fine, I did cry with the utmost gratitude for this moment, for my boyfriend with a gift that just keeps on giving, and for the ability to say to myself, "wow, you really needed this and yes, you deserve it".

It is a true gift, quiet.  I am literally on the phone all day, or on my scooter riding somewhere, or talking to someone or anyone at the coffee shop about an outfit, their shoes, yoga or the weather....there is actually little quiet in my life.  And mind you, I do love my life that way.  I love energy, people in motion, life in action.  I love aggressive people setting goals, drinking coffee and living it up!

However, I also see the need for the yin to that yang.   To truly be available and vibrating on that high level daily - you have to, have to, have to refuel and take that time for you.  Perhaps, in quiet.

And for those moments that I get to visit the spa - I am quiet.  I am calm.  And, I am so thankful.

Take time for quiet.  Be it in your meditation, your holistic spa which very well could be your bath tub, on your yoga mat or on the ocean waves - try on quiet and feel the unwind.