Adventure: Time

Happy Holidays to all. This past week, I made like a turkey and flew home to Houston, TX and spent the week with my loved ones and best friends. As some of you may know, my heart melts every time I see my little sister, Bailey. She recently turned 13 and literally rocks my World on the regular!

Now, something most of you might not know - I am the absolute WORST in the kitchen. Story time: I took a cooking class in college for my moment as a nutrition major and put the aluminum muffin holders in the microwave. True story. I am lucky I didn't burn the place down with some microwave-able explosion.

Anyways - Bailey is a Food Network watching, cupcake loving, cooking class taking teenager! She knows her way around a kitchen. So, of course, the first adventure we take together: Christmas Cookies!

Oh ya! Getting in the spirit! We go grocery shopping together and bought anything that was red and/or green, then popped over to Barnes and Noble to purchase Elf, Elf: The Soundtrack and some other Christmas CD from Hotel Cafe.

Here is the deal - it is about TIME.

T. I. M. E.

Taking the time with the people you love. We baked and we laughed and I messed up the dough because I did not put enough flour on the table and we burned the first batch and drank hot cocoa with christmas-shaped marshmallows and we sang really loud and had a very merry time!

And that is what it is all about. And that was my holiday adventure. TIME with my little sister.