Ain't No Mountain High Enough

I took the stage clad in flannel, a headlamp and Vibrams and I took a good long look at the view.  A moment in time on top of my mountain.

This month, I have been in Hawaii, New York, Colorado and back home to LA.

I have done yoga next to the waves in Oahu, I shared my learnings in goal coaching with the inspiring lululemon New York teams, I had the most rad opportunity to goal the Women Leaders of Facebook NYC, I moderated an event with the Colorado lululemon teams in my future city of Boulder and I took the stage at the El Rey Theater in LA.  And, I am ALIVE.

In a different life chapter, I would have shared with you that I am lucky.  Or I could have said that it was just right timing.  Or I even might have shrugged it off, smiled and kept quiet, as to not sound cocky or something.

Not today.  No way.  Because let me tell you what, I am so proud of where I am and who I am.  I am very aware that this mountain top, this peak in my life did not just happen.  I recall the journey, the hike it took to get here.  I fell down numerous times, I took wrong turns and somehow went trekking down into a dark valley (oddly named Credit Card Debt Valley) in which I had to ask for help, reach for support and get back up to sunshine.  And I did.  Then, I found myself on a peak in Chicago wondering how I would reach this peak in LA.  And there were times I even considered turning around, going back and giving up all together.  I  so clearly remember the commitments I made to get to the top of this peak, reach that goal.  And I kept moving.  Forward.

I am so present to the fact that it did not look exactly as I thought it would.  It definitely did not go as smoothly as we all manifest it will.  But each moment, step after step, every stumble, each peak got me higher and closer to the goal.  Be open to the mystery of the hike and how you will get there. Stay focused and committed to your goals as your true North, as your compass.  And keep moving.

And so I will tell you again, I am celebrating me.

Because this is a peak of many.  And there ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from my goals.

You know, the mountains await, get hiking.

And for the love of flannel, celebrate MORE.  I am.