Alone Time

My Grandmother once told me that she is the type of person that needs her space, needs her alone time for peace and quiet.  She said she did not mind when my Grandfather went on longer trips to go fishing with friends or hunting on the weekends. I remember listening to her and thinking that was so weird.  Hello, where is the love?  I was younger at the time and thought that if you loved someone, you absolutely wanted to be with them every single second.

Now that I am in an honest and loving relationship, I dare say that I scoff at my younger, naive self and Grandma, I totally get it.  Because let me tell you, I love time with my patient man and my most rad friends, but I do, I do, I do love me some alone time.  Give me space and sweet silence and I have no problem basking in it.  Bliss, like whoa.

Wise Sidenote:  For me, I do feel the love of "alone time" came with a comfort of being happy with actually being alone with myself.  Being okay to listen to my own thoughts for three hours on end, being okay to miss out on a party and thus, have the freedom to get on my bike and go to the beach, being okay to be alone and choose to do things I truly enjoy.  I had to work on that relationship with myself and the practice continues, even now.

Additionally, I learned that I had to be with someone who would actually get this about me and leave me alone.  I know, I know, that sounds harsh.  But in all honestly, this is one of the activities in my life that I find I can recharge and fill up the ol' energy tank.  My partner in this life adventure gets a better me, when I have time to be alone.  We all really win here, people.

So, I say, channel your inner introvert and take the time for you, solo.

Need suggestions, my favorites include:  SIt in silence at home or on a beach with a really good book.  Hiking alone is eye and ear opening, nature rocks and recharges.  Crack that bottle of red wine and hell, toast to Y-O-U.  Write.  Find a dog and log a few hours on the couch in one delicious nap.

Here we go, dare I say it:  Do whatever the hell you want.  This is your time for you, by you.

There is beauty in honesty.   Know what you need to recharge and rock it.

Build the relationship with yourself.

Take the time.  For you.

Photo/Artist Credit:  Joyce Harbin Cole