The Art of Writing Goals

I have been marinating on the art of writing goals this year.  Because truly, goal setting is a delicate, vulnerable, radical and precious art form that is unique to each and every one of us.  A form of self-expression, creation and magic. Do note, I definitely have a format I believe in.  Still affirmative, positive and present tense, yes.  Still a by when date attached to rock the accountability, for sure.  And now, I channel balance and my most core values so that I have my goals divided into different life domains, such as family, adventure, purpose and sweat.  Lately, my color of choice has been purple to write in and my language is less Webster's Dictionary and more Jacki Carr.  There are neon post-it notes that support the why, how, when and where to begin and I am inspired.  And it is truly quite the display of art on my goals wall.

If I may share one example to share from my blossoming and bright goal sheet;  I know I want to get married.  To my main man, Chris Hynes.  One Day.  Thus my goal could simply and ever so clearly read like this:

>>> I am married to Chris Hynes by September 2015.

Or, when I add my unique impact and Jacki Carr language, it could read like this:

>>> My Grandmother dances at my wedding by September 2015.

Quick story to enroll the goal.  You see, when I was younger, my grandmother used to bribe us to run errands for her:

"Jacki, could you please go get the cookies for me out of the bar in the back room?  I promise to dance at your wedding."  

"Jacki, I know you just sat down and you look really comfy, but do you mind going outside and up the lane to grab the mail?  I will dance at your wedding, I promise".

"Oh Jacki, I forgot the butter out in the garage outside in the freezing, cold winter weather, since you still have your shoes on, can you go out and get it?  I'll dance at your wedding".  

This ultimate prize to all these quick errands was always a dance at a future wedding a la Grandma.  And of course, I was a sucker and went because I would do anything for her and I really did want her to dance at my wedding, never mind the fact that I was four and didn't have a clue about my future wedding, much less when I was twenty-four and recklessly single, again with no clue.  She still went for it and it worked.

And it is so that my goals read in a way that are so personal, so real, so beautiful, and so visual for me. My goals are for my heartbeat to connect and rock with the World, and I choose to use my language that will inspire me to get in action. 

Give yourself the power to be unique, the voice to rock your language and paint your future any way you desire.  I say, take the time to add YOU into your goals language.



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