Get What You Need

I remember when I first started dating.  My first boyfriends really never had a chance after the Disney films, the Romantic Comedies and my parents' love as shining examples.  The expectations were just set so high. I remember being on the my own private phone line (before cell phones) with my best friends and telling her what the relationship might have lacked.  Be it flowers, notes in my locker or holding my hand in front of his friends.  The line that sticks out the most is, "I don't want to tell him what to do, I want him to just know".

Like some telepathic phenomenon, for years, I wanted all the boys in my life to "just know" everything I wanted and how I wanted it and when.  So much for communication, so much for connection (amongst other things...).

Fast forward life, I came home last night to the clean dishes put away from the dishwasher and the gnarly dishes from the sink either cleaned or refilled to that dishwasher.

I sighed, thankful for my sweet boyfriend.  Did I ask him before I left for my yoga class to please put them away if he had time before he left back to coach, yes I did.

Did it feel exactly the same whether I had asked him or not.  Yes.  Because regardless of whether Chris emptied the dishes and cleaned the gnarly ones on his own or if I asked him to do so, the job was done and I was pretty relieved I didn't have to do it.  #truth

And then came a song, it goes a little something like this:

"You can't always get what you want,

You can't always get what you want.

But if you try some time, you might find

You get what you need!'

And I added to the end of the chorus, 'if you just ask'!

When it comes to relationships, goals, sex life, career, love, a high five, promotions, favors, friendships, you have got to learn to ask for what you want and/or need to rock out together.

Stop being disappointed that other humans are not telepathic, use your amazing language skills and get real.  I did and it feels so good!

What is one thing you can ask for this week that you are waiting for someone to 'just know'?

photo credit:  VoicePro