Barefoot is Better

So the past couple weeks I have been more barefoot than usual.  Mind you the sun is warming up in Southern California and calls for more flips flops, I am talking bare feet. I recently tested the boundaries of my comfort zone in Belly Dancing Class, Hula Hooping class and Nia class.  All which call for naked feet.  Here is what I learned:

1)  Being a beginner is a slow and beautiful process.  Get over trying to look good faster and be open to how you get there.

2)  Practice with friends.  Try new adventures with people you trust.  Laughing is so fun with another human being!

3)  There is so much to learn from teachers instructing first timers.  They are so beautiful and so patient.  Thankful for each barefoot experience learning to move my hips, balance a hula hoop and free form dance.  New moto:  bare feet, open heart.

4)  New experiences are the spice of life.  Adventure out there more!

Additionally, I joined the local TOMS event, One Day Without Shoes on Tuesday, April 16 and was reminded how absolutely grateful I am to have shoes to wear every single day.  The local event took place at the nearby Pier and we walked one mile along the beach in silence.  I caught myself often complaining about the splinters on the pier or the oil on the concrete and how dirty my feet would be.  I immediately scoffed at how often I take for granted all that I have.  Thank you TOMS for the reminder to count my blessings, like may pair of feet, twice!

Get out there.  Go on an adventure.  Take your shoes off and be thankful.