Better with Yoga

Here is the deal, I am a lover of yoga.  And some times, I fall off the wagon. My boyfriend recently told me that I am a better, much more pleasant person to be around when I get on my mat, breathe and feel the flow.  I took this in stride, as I have fully accepted that I am a human being that needs some form of an endorphin kick or sweet sweat once a day to be functioning at 100%.

It is who I am.

Now, in feeling this on Sunday in my yoga class, I began to ponder how the sweat, the breathe, the movement and the body connection truly allow for a shift.  Here is what I found:

1)  There are some days I realize that I do not take a full, deep inhale and all.  I get on my mat and take that first full breath and realize what I have been missing all day.

2)  When it comes to committing to a 90 minute class, I am drawn to classes with a Savasanah that is over 4+ minutes.  I feel my body completely let go and I truly savor that length of time for stillness and for allowing myself to soak up that juicy flow that just happened one minute ago.

3)  In case you need a visual during Savasanah, I place myself in the middle of an overgrown meadow in the Mountains.  I see blues, greens and the sunshine hits my face during that resting time.  That is my happy place - you can come visit.

4)  In my humble opinion, sweating = detox.  So that extra cider beer you had to have last night, yoga is like a 'reset button' to the body and I actually feel at the start line when I am done with class.  #beautifulirony

5)  My hair looks better with sweat in it.  It just does.

6)  I have incredible teachers in my hood and the wisdom bombs that they drop in class rock me to the core.  Visual:  sweat dripping down my nose, holding crescent pose, hip flexor on fire, shoulders feeling a deep burn....  The teacher slowly reminds you, "In these challenging moments, where can you find breathe?  Similar to life.  How you choose to react to challenges is your choice."  #truth

7) I love the music with the flow.  I feel like a dancer on the mat.  Everyone should feel like an all out epic dancer at least once a week.  Be it on a yoga mat, in your living room, on a spin bike or in the street.  Get your dance on.

8)  I learn patience on the mat.  I am forgiving with my body, I take time to breathe and I listen.  Now, when forgiveness, breath and the ability to listen follow me off the mat into my day, into my life;  I understand why I am better with yoga .

How do you shift on the mat?  #yogalove