Blank Spaces

I admit freely that I am a product of my environment.I literally scoff and delight at the same time at how West Coast I can be.


For example, Saturday morning I woke up and went to a partner WOD with my Crossfitting hunk of a fiance.  We sweat, high fived and then breezed over to Sauce, a local spot in Venice to have an uber paleo breakfast with another sweaty friend.  I had to rush off on my new fixie bicycle so that I would not be late for my 3 hour Cosmic Chakra Workshop in which, upon arrival I sat upon my own white poof seat and asked my friend if he would grab me a Kombucha on his quick run to Whole Foods.  I cursed myself momentarily for forgetting my mala beads and then remembered I have Chakra beads, too and really wished I had those.  I was all too excited that the workshop was in walking distance of my favorite all raw coconut ice cream shop, Kippy's.  And that nap was going to feel good later....

Do you see what I mean?  Do you see?

Let me tell you, my eleven year old self wearing huge Nintendo brand glasses, bangs, and a braid down to just the top of her butt crack, feeling so awkward and sporty spice at the same time, had no clue this was coming.  My sixteen year old self listening to Country music blasting from my 1996 Red Ford Mustang, that I had to start twice (every time), on my way to rock the praise with my God Squad crew had no idea this was coming.  To be even more real, my twenty-two year old self sitting behind that Hollywood assistant desk with a pair of slacks from Express and a Mormon boyfriend really had no clue.  This mala bead loving, coconut oil everything, goal coaching, chakra learning and even engaged human being, I didn't know you were possible.  I did not see you coming, Jacki Carr version 8.7.

And I share this with you because I find it amusing.  Yes, I do think it is important to laugh at your own self from time to time.  Not in a judgemental way, in a loving way that allows you to choose to be the so radically and maybe a little oddly California-inspired YOU. More so, I find it amusing that I am so hell-bent (at times...ok, sometimes...fine, a lot of the time) on planning my life, knowing my vision for the future, being right (all the time), clear goals set and having all the answers.  Only to learn that my life has not truly panned out the way that I thought.  Thankfully. I love that coconut ice cream, my chakra knowledge and getting sweaty.

The real beauty of life is living it now, going to find out, and being gently surprised along the way with the detours, turns and bumps.

I have to tell you, I met a radical yogi heartbeat in Philly whilst leading a Rock Your Bliss event with Mary Beth.  Her name was Maura Manzo and she rocked, super grounded, great smile, and about to open her own yoga studio, literally so alive.  She profoundly shared during our vision session of our day that she wanted to leave blank space in her vision board.  White space.  Blank space. So that some mystery and some space to be creative for the things she does not even know yet can be able to be discovered.  Seriously, I was leading content and had to pause, for this blew my mind.  I digested and asked her to say it again to the group.  It is powerful, it is peaceful, it is big.

Leave blank space, leave room for your imagination and the moments you do not even know yet, that you have not even experienced yet, that you have not felt yet.

I so love that.

I so love that.  So much that I am still marinating and playing with it in my own life in which I thought all the bases had to be covered, all the blanks had to be filled and no space was left unfinished.  And what the open space has allowed me is exploration.  What that blank space has allowed me is room to be present and try new things.  And it has allowed me a moment to be calm now, to be open to surprises and not force everything to be this predisposed understanding of "right".  To get cosmic with you, it has opened my 6th chakra, my third eye.  Oh yes, I went there.  Another blog, another story and I will drop some more chakra knowledge.

So go for it.  Leave a blank space. Invite the mystery in. Surprise your eleven year old self, your twenty-two year old self, or your forty-four year old self with version 8.7.

And with that, I am off to Colorado this week.  One Prius, one tent, one hunk of a fiance, me and two dogs named Bear and Moose. We have very few plans, three wedding venues to visit and not even one place booked to stay.

Blank space, big mountains, here we come.