I Heart Camping. Simple.

I want to keep it simple and get something straight with you... C A M P I N G   R O C K S ! !

From a recent trip to Estes Park, Colorado, here is why:

1) No make-up.  No problem.  My first trip to Colorado, my co-worker told me, "In Colorado, we really don't rock make up and we never blow dry our hair. It is almost frowned upon".  SOLD!

2) Farting is really funny.  When you sleep outside in nature and it gets dark, your campsite really chills out and everyone turns in pretty early.  With that being said, in nature it is quiet and you can hear everything.  So people fall asleep and just start farting.  And then for some reason, it is contagious and you start farting.  Chris and I laughed until we cried over fart noises, fart smells, dutch oven-ing t dutch tent-ing, dog farts, other people's' fart personality types, how to get rid of fart smells and the word, 'fart'.   I'm laughing now.

3) Pre-sleeping bag activities included kisses, card games and BOTA red wine out of a box.  Did I just describe Heaven?  Every night, Chris and I would place our lantern up in the middle of our cabin and we would shuffle cards, pour wine in camp-friendly mugs and kiss.  We taught one another how to play SPEED and Crazy 8's.  Talk about connection.  In our apartment, we watch TV, look at our iPhones and some times read.  Camping RULES for relationships, communication and connection.

4) Learning to say sorry when sleeping in a small tent outside happens way faster.  Oh sweet patience in the great outdoors.  So Moose is our 5 month old puppy and he got a little crazy on night 2 and ran into our tent and popped the air mattress.  Oh, you don't camp with an air mattress?  It is a gamechanger.  Oh, that is not really camping, that is glamping?  Call me a glamper for life!  So, Moose popped the thing and we did not realize it until 1am that night and we were both on the ground.  I was not a happy camper, woke up not only breathing fire but barking it, too.  I was angry at the no sleep, my bony hips and shoulder were angry due to the rocks I slept on and the only person to blame was obviously....Chris (fiance).  In a matter of 37 minutes, I had walked around the site, brushed my teeth and texted Chris from the nearby mountain shop, "I'm sorry I was mean. I love you".  I return to our site, go for the hug and sorry happens faster, forgiveness happens faster when camping.

5) Appreciating one another.  The hero fiance that I have carefully selected, Mister Chris Hynes miraculously had brought air mattress repair tape.  Seriously?  Seriously?  I fall more in love each and every day.

6) R O A D T R I P P I N G !  Hello singing out loud to Country music, talking about your future, car naps, Sour Patch Watermelon extra-large bag, playing made up games like 'first person to see an Elk gets a kiss', and a lot of coffee.  And let me tell you, the scenery from LA to Colorado is breathtaking.  America, you really are a beauty!

7) Scaring the shit out of yourself.  We arrived in Estes Park and the first night alone I saw two coyotes and a racoon just waltzing around.  That tent is paper-thin and part of our's is mesh.  You have to rock your mental capacity to be one with the Earth, all its sounds and all its animals.

8) And the magic of quality time.  One of my favorite things about camping is choosing to take a walk around a lake, go for a hike, choosing to play cards and holding hands.  Camping reminds you to keep it simple, de-clutter your space that you take up and de-clutter your fast-paced mind.  Camping slows you down so you can look up and see the falling star, the honey butter moon and wake up w/out an alarm to the sun rising.  Magic.

So I say, get in the car to get outdoors.  Rock your campsite.  Fart really loud.  Get mad and say sorry faster.  Scare yourself and experience the magic.

And by all means, keep it really, really simple.