Celebrate Way More

I remember playing basketball on my first team, the yellow team, when I was younger.  We played on half-size courts and I was tall for my age. It was my first game on the court.  My new high top Reebok Pump bball shoes fully pumped and my shots were dropping.  I felt really good.  Actually, good enough to dance every time I made a basket.  And dance, I did.  She shoots, she scores, she celebrates (again).  My celebratory dance consisted of me running back to other end of the court with my arms raised high in the air and running with my feet kicking the back of my bum.  Very Jim Carrey a la Ace Ventura inspired.  No shame in feeling awesome, obviously.  #confident

I remember a time-out called and my coach pulled me aside and told me to keep the celebrating until after the game and to play basketball, dance later.

I can close my eyes and clearly remember that moment, that feeling of embarrassment and stupidity after he told me to stop celebrating.  'Straighten up, Carr', I told myself.

And, I stopped the celebratory dance and got serious.

Looking back now, I realize it is a team sport and perhaps I could have high fived the girl who passed me the ball first and then celebrated together.  Fine.  I could have kept it more to a fist pump versus a full on show boat parade.  Clear.  And I should really thank my parents for believing so hard in me that I had the courage (and ego) to dance all over that court every time I succeeded.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

NOTE:  I get the whole humble pie thing we have going on.  I get it.  And, grace is an amazing quality.  Check.

However, some times I want people to yell it from the rooftops when they rock a life goal, fall in love or land that dream job.  No coach, I will not stop dancing.  Dance about it, cheers all around, and celebrate more!  Together.

Today on Superbowl Sunday, I tip my hat to all the football players that shake their groove thing when they score a touchdown.  I send a high five to all the baseball players that make a scene with the entire team running out of the dugout to home plate to celebrate a homerun.  And I cheers my red wine glass to every single person that knows how to celebrate when they score in life, on and off the playing field.

Let's all celebrate way more, dance a lot more, and high five often.  It really is way more fun that way.  And I know, you deserve it.  I know we deserve it.

So tell me, what are you celebrating?  Anything!

Need a pep talk, press play here.