Chakra Nerd

So, I have been diving deep in the meaning of chakras.  Yoga workshops, essential oils, meditation and the oh so rad tool that is Google.  #hippie  I was doodling and playing around with the meanings of each chakra, asking why alignment of them and connection to body and mind in my notebook today.  And this just happened: (root) I am:  family, love, friendship, open, always growing, fun, adventurous, driven, independent, strong, unique and loud.

(sacral) I create:  connection, energetic revelations, art in the non-traditional forms and space for people to see, feel, own and choose their most highest potential.

(solar plexus) I do:  goal set with BIG energy + 80's music + deep lunges, speak publicly, write, continue to learn, connect people to further their goals with other people, and collaborate with teams.

(heart) I love:  the expansiveness of love in all forms:  love of self, love of family, love of other human being, et al, mountains and oceans, Chris Hynes, rescue dogs and children, the trees, travel adventures that allow for learning, reading, and you.

(throat) I speak:  the truth, open to sharing through different online and offline channels, and I have learned and continue to learn to speak through listening.  I have a voice and I know when to use it.

(third eye) I see:  a big future in a full life with a log cabin full of children, outdoor adventures, a home that feels like home, gratitude, and financial freedom.  I see a World that set goals, lives their passion and knows love in all forms and there are more trees.

(crown) I understand:  power in choice.  Personal responsibility to rock this life.  And the love of self.

Your turn.  Rock your chakras.  Align and let the energy flow, my friends.

Knowledge below, dive in.

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