Cheers for Toby

My family lost a furry member today.  Our sweet Toby is now in dog heaven, where it smells like bacon all the time and you can poop in the ocean, if you want to.

Toby joined the Carr crew when I was no longer living at home.  When I came to visit often, he was always very welcoming and stole my heart every time.  The TV remote, socks, shoes and underwear were also favorite items of his to steal, in hopes for attention.  He was the exact dog my Dad dreamed of: he barked endlessly at any stranger that came 23 steps near the front door, he slept under my little sister's bed to protect her, he knew exactly how my Mom was feeling everyday and when to snuggle her, and he was always up for a run.  He was one amazing family dog.

He leaves his best friend chiweenie, Elvis and his nephew terrier, Hey Bear.

We miss you already, Toby. 

Thank you for the love, the kisses and always running with me!



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