Coach Carr

Growing up, my Mother was our P.E. teacher all through grade school and everyone called her Miss Carr (she is a Mrs. but when you are young, you drop that syllable).  To this day, I still have people email or Facebook me to tell me that she was their favorite teacher, they loved that one game called Ghostbusters, that the Olympics event she created was the best day of the year and how she was their favorite teacher.  And it is true, she loves her teaching job with a passion and she rocks it. Somewhere in the past 7 years though, she started calling herself Coach Carr.  I am not sure what happened or who deemed it, but the name on her door changed and she became a Coach.  Most likely when she started coaching (and by coaching, I mean dominating and kicking major grade school butt) the Cross Country and Track team.  Nonetheless, it felt weird to hear all her younger students call her Coach Carr when I would return to visit.

And as time passes and you get used to the new title, I now realize that it actually makes perfect sense.  My Mother is actually a teacher first and then a coach, as her life journey had titled her.  In her P.E. classes, the class always begins with a lesson.  Be it one about teamwork, sport, learning how to share, equality, sportsmanship, ... the list goes on and on.  The woman is truly inspiring.  So she starts with teaching the lesson to get our brains jamming.  And then, the whistle blows and it is time for fun.  We move our bodies, we learn new games, we high five team members and celebrate victories and try to be a good sport during losses.  And all through the actual physical activity of the class, my Mother is coaching, reminding you of the lesson, checking in on the fun factor, and connecting you with others through movement of the mind and body.  I told you, she rocks.

Kids come up to her and thank her for learning.  They will come back a week later and remind her of the message she taught and how it showed up in a different arena.  They will take it up two levels and show her what it truly means to be inspired.  Ahhh, how the teacher becomes the student.  My Mom does this because she freaking loves it, this I know.  She loves inspiring the kids that will create our future, providing a new perspective and learning more about her own self, every day.

And to be honest, I have learned my own personal brand and my own style in coaching through a similar method.  I share with all my clients in our consultation before we embark on a journey together that we will most likely not even talk about goals until call 4.  We have some soul work to do before that time, some personal power work, some language work.  Also, I realize that I am truly teaching the concepts I believe in first and then listening.  Listening to how they show up for the client, in their body, in their language, in their World.  Teach me.  And from there, we can get real on the coaching and accountability through rocking the new tools, living it big and rocking possibility.  And if we get to move our mind and bodies on a hike or a yoga mat, even better!

I do this because I freaking love it.  And that, I know.  Every inch of my body wants to hear what you want to do, dig in on all of it, the blocks, the yes, the no, the celebration and the heart beat behind it. And then we go deep and connect on how you are going to get there and what steps you are taking today.  Whoa, I feel alive writing about it!

Perhaps later, you can call me in a week, a month or two months later and tell me how it showed up in your life that day, that week, that month.  Send a picture of the goal wall you built or the website video you produced!  You can teach me.  Because we are all in this together and I want to learn from you, too.

Thus, I am Coach Carr, too.  Here I am.