Confession:  Until this morning, I had only sweat once in 2013.   It is January 8. *gasp*

I know.  Crazy, considering I wear work out clothes that are sweat wicking every single day.  And, considering the sweat life brings me so much joy and connection, it was absolutely last on my list for the first week of January, 2013.

Honestly, I just did not feel like moving my body.  It felt a little chilly outside to run and even chillier to jump on my Vespa to go to a yoga studio.  #excuses  Oh yes, I do have a membership to YogaVibes to practice at home.  But instead, I chose to read or drink hot chocolate. I actually believe I was mourning the holidays being over.  Time with my big family, cookies at Grandma's house, snowman-making, holiday cheer...I digress. #moreexcuses

And today was the day, I made the decision.  I peeled off my PJs this morning and broke out my trusty Asics.   My sweet dog was beside himself, as I put the leash on him and the headphones in my ears.  I stepped outside to blue skies, a brisk air and Starship blasting a tune.  And, I was off. I began to run towards the Pacific Ocean.  VERY.  VERY.  SLOWLY.

Wow, my body was tight.  In a matter of a new year, I felt like I had not run in 18 days versus 8.  However, I kept moving.  Past my trusty coffee shop/office, through the Venice Canals, to the Boardwalk, over by the skate park and past the donut shop tantalizing my senses with sweet dough and sugar smells.

Welcome back, legs, welcome back..

On the run, I let go of the guilt, comparison, judgment I literally put on myself via expectations of a New Year, resolutions and fresh start.  And today, 8 days in, my body woke up, my body sweat and it felt really, really good.  I was ready for it.

Start today.  Let go of yesterday.  Let go of expectations.  You get to choose when.  You get to choose how.  Your New Year can be today.  BOOM.


Oh, hello to you, January 8, 2013!  You are my Happy New Year!

P.S.  Happy Birthday to my rad Dad and Elvis!