Convenience over Connection?

I received an email early Thursday morning at 7am.  The script read that I had transferred over 700 dollars to some dude in Florida with the reason of purchasing a black iPhone. Hello immediate freak out and instant panic.  Fraud, fraud, fraud!  I get online while simultaneously dialing a 1-800 number.  There is that hold music....forever.  I fill out all the necessary forms online to report fraud and I finally give up on the phone and hang up as the lady repeating "your call is important to us, we will be with you in a few moments" is now an official liar.   I allow the online resolution center to marinate about an hour, wondering if this is all I should do. And then I feel that panic feeling again, so I dial back.  This time I am in it for the long haul and I am patient with the repeat recording.  I press '0' and I wait my turn to speak with an actual human being.

I wait.  I wait and I wait.

Finally, a lovely woman named Andrea comes to the phone and pulls up my file, looks over my case and talks to met about options, the details of the work they will do and also reassures me that I will be reimbursed for all expenses charged.

I sigh and thank her for the time, the peace of mind and her helpful service.

And in this moment, I am so fiercely reminded how powerful it is to pick up the phone and connect voice to voice, human to human.  Not just the online portal, not just an email or text response, an actual conversation to communicate an issue.

Convenience over connection?  Never works.

I double dog dare you to pick up the phone today and handle that issue.  Call someone vs. email.  In person?  Even better.  I know, I absolutely know the outcome will be greater.  It is so worth the wait.

And if you get that hold music, just dance to it.

Photo Credit: Andy Mangold