Create Space

I was perusing Twitter a couple of days ago and stumbled upon an absolutely beautiful tweet: ‏@ElenaBrowerSpend time with people who make more space in your life ~ not less

Read it again.

And again.

I realized that I had never considered the people in my life to be the space-makers.  Yet when I ponder the notion, I completely see it, I feel it.  I believe I have gone with the 'quality over quantity' route for close friends in my life.  My boyfriend would beg to differ as I speak about the line-up of people I dream to have on my side of the wedding line...but anyways. 

When I look at my close friends, it is true.  They make space in my life for possibility, dreams, love, fun, laughter, relaxation, health, passion, freedom, motivation...

And when I look a little deeper, my dearest of dear friends really allow more space ... 




Like the Grinch, I love heart space.

Take a look at your friends.  Heart space?

If the answer is no - time for new friends.