Get Rocked. Get Real. | Crystal Clear


I love me some collaboration. New moon last night was right on time to announce that I have teamed up with crystal mastermind and fellow igolu leader, Tracy Keough to launch a rad duo coaching opportunity.

Here is the deal. I woke up one morning from an email from my dear friend, Tracy with the subject line, "A Crystal Grid for You". She had sent me a crystal grid she was called to do for me and it was radically (and spooky almost) spot on. The energetic insight she provided with the stones' meanings and grid placement, the crystals she sent me, and the clarity in meeting myself in the now was beyond powerful and provided a softening that was so very welcomed. My reading reminding me to connect to a higher communication, allow my emotions to be felt and expressed, and stop trying to please everyone one else. See, so spot on.

NOTE: Yes, for me, it does feel super hippie and out there. And well, I am out there. I am always willing to try something new, especially when that something new will provide a beautiful insight, connect me to my truth and create energy toward a heartfelt goal.

Crystal grids are made by the placement of stones in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. The stones or crystals are then charged by your intention and energy.

It is just too obvious to combine crystals and goal setting. There is so much power in connecting to your truth now, getting clear on your blocks and possibilities and from that space, choosing to move towards a big goal, decide to pivot or welcome a sweet peace of mind.

Let's get crystal clear. Together.

Details below:

10 spots available. Book by December 1.

1 hour Intuitive Energy Session with Tracy Keough (via SKYPE) 1 hour Clarity and Goal Coaching Session with Jacki Carr  (via phone, SKYPE or local to LA, meet in person)

Cost: 275.00

Result:  Insight, Crystals sent to your front door, Goal Clarity, Fun

Email: for more information and to secure your spot.  They will sell out.