Day 4 & 5: Technology Win and then Cleanse

Do One Thing a Day that Scares You Challenge is still going strong.  Giddy up! Day 4:  Say YES to a ride in the the new radically energy-efficient TESLA with friend and energy man, Brett Conrad.  We are talking 0 - 60mph in 4 seconds while cruising the winding streets up a canyon in Malibu.  I believe my fingerprints are indented on that door handle and Chris' left hand, as we sat in the back and experienced the torque + speed whilst putting the utmost trust in one fast driver.  And, my heart is soaring that this technology is here and ready to rock with Mother Earth!

New goals:  I own the TESLA SUV by August 2015 for roadtrips, family and adventure in Colorado.

Day 5:  No iPhone for one whole day.  Cannot dial, text, look at or even touch it.

As some of you may or may not know, I am addicted to my iPhone.  I now admit it, all the way through.  My man, Chris, has to request that I put my phone down at least 4 times a week so we can have a conversation, eat dinner or just be with one another.  I know I am not the only one.

So I went on an iPhone cleanse.  I put the phone on the charger Saturday evening before bed and actually did not look at it again until Monday morning, no joke, right when I opened my eyeballs. And yes, I did enjoy the cleanse, here is what I saw beyond the 4.7 by 2.6 digital screen:

1) I had a very productive Sunday with more presence than I have felt in a long time.  Rocked out a to-do list and woke up to a Monday with a clean pup, clean apartment and clean clothes!

2) For once, I got to ask Chris if he would actually put his phone down and be present.  Very fun.

3)  I noticed when I was alone, or had a free moment, I would catch myself yearning for the phone.  Yes, I wrote yearning.  Because there was an habitual desire there to relieve the silence or fill the free moment with instagram, facebook, twitter, text or a photo opportunity.  It was an odd feeling to notice the desire and actually admit it to myself.

4) I realized how many people are on their phone.  Constantly.  At first it was almost like they were rubbing it in that they got to use their phone, and I did not.  And then, I got to a point where I rarely saw people's faces and more of the forehead lines.  What if we stopped wearing make up and actually decorated our forehead and hairline, as that is what you see mostly.  Something to think about.

5)  I felt moments of disconnection to the online World, that I believe I have replaced as my 'real World'.  What were people doing, eating, sharing on instagram?  What if someone wanted to hang out or talk on the phone today?  What if something happened at home, I should be available?  I then chose to give all my energy to Chris and Bear, as I had made no solid plans made.  I said to myself, "I should do this more, perhaps every Sunday".

6)  Speaking of solid plans, I went to an appointment later that evening and Chris dropped me off.  Because I had no iPhone, we had to choose a time and a place to meet.  8pm at Barnes & Noble for pick-up.  I mean, we both had to be there or I had no ride home and no way of telling Chris I would just take the bus or walk.  Talk about making a clear plan and sticking to it, instead of a 'just call me' or 'we can decided later' because we are all always so available with technology at our fingertips.  Very efficient and very fun to be waiting, unsure of when he will arrive, will I see him first or will he see me?  Romance is alive, people!

6) Finally, should I get a land phone line?  Confession:  I really always wanted to have a message machine where Chris and I could tape the voice message together.  I would say "Hi, you have reached Jacki" and then Chris would get to say, "and Chris!  We are not home right now, obviously" and then I would come back in and say, "but leave us a message" and then together we would say, "and we will call you back!".  In my 12-year-old mind in the 90's, this is when you really made it together as a couple.  Still considering the notion.  How fun to come home and press play to messages, instead of instant on your iPhone or text message. 

And there we are.  I did it!  iPhone cleanse complete.  I highly recommend it.  I chose a Sunday, as my work during the week is directly linked to having a phone, being available for meetings via phone and also online creation.  And I definitely know the advantages of immediate connection.

However, the admittance of the addiction, the feeling of being present and re-visiting how to make solid plans are definitely a great reminder.  And hello, the romance and ideas of old school voice message machines!  Even just for one day.