Day Eight: Topless Humble Warrior

This evening I rocked yoga class in this:

Why yes, they do call that a functional and fashionable bandeau bra.  It is made at the lululemon lab, a more edgy, innovative design space.  As you can see.  And yes, the yoga class was lit by candles and I was nervous.

I had been contemplating this challenge as part of the 30 days and in my mind I was thinking I would get in really great shape in the next two weeks and rock it out.  Not so much.  I went straight to yoga this evening after a coaching client, no yoga mat, no tank top available.  Challenge accepted.

I kept my top on for the first few sun salutations to warm up in class.  Trying to be present and non-judgmental knowing you are about to strip, not happening.  Long sleeve safety net removed.

Top three realizations in Humble Warrior pose, basically looking like this:

#1  Whoa, the self talk about body image.  I went through a roller coaster of different perspectives.  The what was I thinking moment.  The girl power moment thinking we should host a topless (+bra) class like this to empower woman to love their body.  The shy moment where I readjusted in case I was showing too much.  The mean girl moment where I was just straight awful to myself when inverted in a compromising position in tight spandex pants.  The humble moment when I said this is me and I feel effing bold.  And yes, this is yoga where you are instructed to let go, release and be present.

#2  At first, everything is scarier than it seems.  The first 8 minutes of bandeau yoga was insanely uncomfortable.  Then, I started to sweat, I listened to the music and I let go.  Well, for the most part, I did have to readjust a couple times.  As in anything in life, those first 8 minutes when trying something out of your comfort zone will always seem insane.  Then, you settle in, you listen and let go.

#3  I had a full on conversation in my head about what other people might be thinking about me.  How dare she?  Who does she think she is?  Oh girl, put the top back on.  And maybe a couple, you go girl from the front corner.  This is when my balance was most off, when I was worried about made up judgement.  How often in life do I create stories, allow perceived judgments or worry about what other people think, who I do not even know?  To a point that it rocks my life balance.  Refocus, reconnect and be you.  Bandeau and all.


Now to be clear, who would be up for a sports bra yoga event?  I mean, hello empowerment and boldness!  What if we promise to play the song Des'ree?  You just let me know!