Day Fourteen: In Costume

I host a monthly book club called the Novel Grapes:  A Book Club + Wine. We take the Summer off, so we are back in session for Fall this month and we just finished the book, WILD, by Cheryl Strayed.  I highly recommend, it is a great read and Oprah agrees!  With that, you will want to go hiking or camping after if you are an outdoor enthusiast, so be aware and backpack ready!

Now, I have a rad group of friends that show up for book club.  We meet at a local wine bar and they reserve us space monthly and it is quite a blast.

So this month, I arrive to book club and they have forgotten to save our regular table.

Here I am, decked in my Cheryl Strayed outfit ready to lead the book club questions and no table. I stand at the bar for a good 3 minutes and I wonder if they are ignoring me on purpose.  Is it my headlamp, vintage vest, backpack?   Mind you, this is a hipster cafe that poses as a coffee shoppe by day and wine bar by night.  Pretty trendy up in there, if you know what I mean.

I finally interrupt one of the servers from their iPad processing and inquire.  Upon strange looks and book club reservation reminder, they slightly ease up.  For some reason, they had the reservation at noon.  Really.  We cannot drink wine at noon on a Tuesday and rock this book club (dream life). Luckily the spot is not too full and I see two dudes departing and rush to hold down the fort while my crew arrives.  Alone.  In my get up.  So LA, everyone is late due to traffic.

Odd looks.  I keep smiling.  A major cool crew rolls in eyeing my two wooden tables a la patio.  No way, book club happening here, as you can see from my clipboard with emails, display of books and WILD sitting upright.  Phew, my book nerd friends arrive and mind you, are highly impressed.

I say, dress up more. Scare yourself a little and walk into a bar in costume NOT on Halloween.  Don't worry about what anyone thinks at the nearby tables. And keep it fun.