Day Nine: Business Sense & Action

I am in transition. I am creating.

I am excited.

And I am feeling a lack of knowledge which creates a pause in forward movement which creates a feeling of uncertainty which creates stress.  Been there before?

Here is the deal.  I have great business ideas - around my personal brand, around new ventures, around video concepts.  I speak with my friends about them and I get excited and we plan and scheme.  And then, a road block and boom, idea is paused.  Kind of like a firework.  A big burst of color, loud noise, then smoke that drifts into nothing.

Instead of asking myself over and over again WHY I do this firework pattern and wallow in complaint, I asked myself WHAT can I get up to rock the choice, get in action and make it happen.

So today, I kicked the not-knowing and fear of failure to the curb,  I stopped waiting for someone to hand me the right book, tell me what to write or do it for me.  And do you know what I did?  I signed up for a Business Workshop in Simi Valley CA.  Oh yes, it is this weekend.  Hello one hour drive at 7am on a Saturday!  I am going to wear my black rimmed glasses, geek out and take loads of notes.  And I also sent in a request for 1:1 business mentor-ship via a rad company my biz developer friend recommended called SCORE.

Time to get the knowledge I want to create not only for the idea(s) I want to develop + launch, but also learn new tactics to share with friends, clients and in future workshops.  As Elvis said, 'a little less conversation, a little more action bab-ay'!  Boom!

Photo credit:  Real Simple