Day Thirteen: Eat at Home Week

Chris and I went grocery shopping on Sunday evening.  We did a major grocery shop, shelled out the cash and filled the fridge to the brim.  It was a long receipt and a scary total. Noticing that I tend to make a run for a nearby eatery before even bothering to glance in my fridge, either in a rush or desperate with hanger, frivolously spending beyond budget day after day, the Do One Thing a Day That Scares You Challenge has landed in 7 days, that is one week, of Eat-At-Home-Week.  Welcome Day 13!

No eating out (or delivery or takeout) allowed until Monday, October 21.

In order to fully commit and take this challenge to the next level, I have gentle neon blue post it reminders all over the place, i.e. the bathroom mirror, the door, the kitchen...

And to really kick it off right, I spent the day today making breakfast, lunch and dinner.  What, who, me?  Yes, me!  You can call me chef!

As the man of the love shack always says, "home-cooked meals always taste better because they are made with love".

7 days.  Here we go.