Day Three: Build a Website

My friend looked at me from across the table at the hipster cafe we were using as our office for the afternoon and said, "well, we will just have to build a website, it is easy". I laughed at her, considering building a website sounded like foreign language.  Yes, I know I have this site and to be clear, I had absolutely nothing to do with the building, the coding or the artistic vibe.  I have amazing friends with mad technical skills and I leave it to them.

However, we were two coffees in and we were hustlin' today.  Thus, we bought a website and someone said just check out, easy as pie.  And there I was online, playing with buttons, adding images and getting frustrated with sprinkles of mini celebration.

I forget some times, there are literally step by step directions online to do absolutely anything in this World, from yoga to power points to building a website.  And while i felt a lack of knowledge and scared that I would mess up some code or waste time even trying, I am happy to share that yesterday I built this website:

Even when you think you can't, asking for help is always the way to go.  Even if your ask is on the youtube search bar and someone from across the globe has provided a video to walk you through button by button.

Lean in, learn on, hustle and build that website!  Go on.

Photo credit:  here