Day Two: Will Anyone Show Up?

Oh snap, I do love to throw a good party.  My senior year in college, I lived with three amazing women and we would always throw theme parties at our limestone home on Washington in Bloomington, while attending Indiana University. We would fret that no one would show.  The fridge full of beer would stay full and our outfits to fit the theme of MisMatched or Spring Break Round II would go to waste.  Every time we would watch the clock and freak out.

A similar feeling arose this evening, day two of 'Do One Thing Every Day that Scares You" Challenge, a friend of mine on the HR team from TOMS Shoes and I launched our first event for a networking group called, The Culture People.  The group is designed for HR people in the world working at rad companies with sweet culture to come together and connect, learn, innovate and grow.  All while flipping the old adage of 'HR' upside down and keeping it real. It just feels so right!

So, the event stated a start time of 6pm and we had a frenzy of RSVPs and a couple last minute cancellations due to sickness and poor planning.  With that being said, our first attendee rolled up at 5:55pm.  Feeling on point and stoked.  And then two more people showed up at 10 minutes after 6pm. Feeling alright.  And then ... nothing.  I thought to myself, "Okay, five people will be grand.  We will make it work".  Tick.  Tock.  Tick.  Tock.

An ultimate fear came over me as I worried about my notion that I had said about 20-30 people would show when I coaxed the bar owner to extend Happy Hour for us and reserve the whole lounge area.  Another all to familiar notion of worry came over as I thought this might just be a flop for now and we will learn from it all together.  Keep smiling.

And then, 45 minutes past 6pm, a flurry of people came in.  Group by group.  So LA not show up on time.  Nonetheless, I sighed a sigh of relief.  I looked to my partner in Culture People creation crime and we high-fived with a huge smile.  Let's start this show, we said to one another.  And we did.  Over 20 people showed up to connect, learn, innovate and grow and the event was a huge success with many more to come!

Put yourself out there.  Lean into the fear and know that 2 people might show up and 20 people might show up.  You never know and it is worth it all in the end.

Always Create.  Connect More.  Push to Innovate. And Grow, Grow, Grow.  Together.