Dear 2013, I Love You

Dear 2013, Like a crush, I was thinking about you this morning on my scooter ride, then again when ordering my Americano, and again when walking my sweet dog.  You are on my mind, my heart beats faster and you give me butterflies.

When I was thinking about you, a sense of peace rushed over me.  Like a new notebook to write in, clean sheets to jump in or fresh towels out of the dryer, you feel open and radical today.  I love that about January.

I tell you 2013, I choose to focus today, tomorrow and this year.  I am done with multi-tasking, it is no good for me and my big life.   Focus on one moment, one project, one conversation deep in the eyes of the human standing in front of me.

I have let go of procrastination and I will T.C.B. in 2-0-1-3.  No more rushing.  Be gone, you nasty stress.  Hello relaxation, owning the present moment and getting shit done, for real.

Love, love, love.  I so believe in you, love.  Let's keep it going and expand my heart space.  I am ready to crack wide open and beat harder!

To the body that houses this heart, are you ready?  I promise to go more green, rock the clean, and spoil you with some sweets.  However, are you ready to rock?  I am talking miles, deep breaths, long hikes, meditation and sweat.  We are going to feel extraordinary this year.

Yes, I have arrived.  I am committed.  Let's rock.

Oh dear, 2013.  I love you already.


Jacki Carr