Dear August, I Love You

Let me tell you something:  AUGUST has rocked. And, it went a little something like this:

I met Brene Brown on July 31 and was vibrating into August1 from the Bucket List check (numero 87) to the reality check that she is actually as epic as I thought she would be.

My Dad crossed his first ever finish line in Vancouver with me right next to him during the Seawheeze 1/2 Marathon on August11.  We laughed, danced and cried through that 13.1 miles and that memory is stored for life.  So grateful.  Finish lines and family are where it's at, people.  #finishlinewithdad

The day after on August12, @lululemonpeople rocked an amazing evening of inspiration at an event on Granville Island called Beyond Luon.  I had the opportunity to host and my Dad  and many, many others sat in the audience and truly experienced what we are up to, what I am up to at lululemon with amazing people.  And, it is some epic shi*t.  #inspired

Following that trip of a weekend, on August13, I embarked upon the annual Leadership Conference hosted by lululemon.  Development, delicious yoga and connection with friends all over the World clad in luon is one sweet ride.  What a week.

At the Conference, I was asked to intro Brene Brown on August14 for a speaker spotlight she did and I freaked out, cried and freaked out again with the utmost honor to bring her on stage.  Question:  Is this real life?  Bring it on!

The final evening of Conference that was August15, I was selected as a recipient of an amazing award and lululemon gifted different people a dollar amount to support a goal or fund a yoga retreat.  #joblove  #forreal

So here we are, August18, and I am home to my ever-so-patient boyfriend and sweet pup in Venice, CA to unwind from that Vancouver whirlwind.  And some times it is the simple things.  I love love love sleeping in my own bed in the arms of my Midwest man and a snuggly pup.  I love love love my my feet in the sand, a Vespa ride and palm trees at dusk.  Home, sweet Home.

Well that was sweet and short, I am up and in the sky again back to Canada-land to hit the joyous adventure that is Wanderlust Whistler from August23-25.  My heart cracks wide open on the yoga mat, my mind is left racing from the Speaker sessions (hello Danielle Laporte, Kate Northrup, Susanne Conrad and Marianne name a few) and I am so connected to my team, it feels like magic.  #joblove  #again

And then, this past Sunday, August26 arrived via car on a roadtrip from Whistler to Penticton with my friend, Wharty, her even-more-patient boyfriend, Trout-y and their sweet Nova Scotia Ducktrolling Retriever named Oscar, to experience the most radical manifestation of GOALS ALIVE that I have ever seen.  Our unreal friend, Steph Corker, completed Ironman Canada in under 11 hours.  And, totally sealed the freakin' deal to grab her spot to KONA.  Yes, that would be numero uno on her bucket list.  I'll tell you what, at hour 10 and minute 58, seeing your friend run to the finish line after swimming her @ss off, biking her legs up and down that glorious course and running a full marathon, you cry.  You cry of joy, you cry of inspiration and you cry of happiness.  #agoalCRUSHED

And now, my friends, the final days of Summer are here in August28, and I am back home in sweet Venice, CA.  Back in the arms of the man I love, walking the dog I so greatly enjoy and sipping sweet coconut water at my picnic table of a kitchen table.

I am truly grateful, inspired and rocked by this month.  I am truly grateful, inspired and rocked by this life.

For now, dear August, I love you.