Don't Make Me Tell You Twice

When my Mother used to say, "Don't make me tell you twice, (first name, middle name, last name)!", I always listened. It comes with a tone and a threat and a force all at one time.  And my sisters and I would straighten up, get real and get right.

I have been walking around, biking and scooter-ing around my neighborhood, and I notice a lot of plastic bag decoration in the trees, cigarette butts thrown from car windows (really, who smokes anymore?), and all out trash thrown in the middle of the sidewalk!  I ponder our dear Mother Earth, and I feel that she has told us twice, if not thrice, to clean it up.  Are we listening?  As I feared the wrath of my Mother's threat as a child (and even still now), I am in sheer awe combined with utter fear at the patience exemplified by the Mother that is Mother Earth.

So to you, (first name) (middle name) (last name), listen up!  Pick up your trash.  Reuse, Recycle, Respect.  And get real and get right.

If you live on the West Coast, join me with Whole Foods Market, Heal the Bay, and yogi love, Kyra Anastasia tomorrow on the sand for some yoga + beach clean up to rock local action, global change!

Not in my hood, no prob.  Rock your flow and see trash, pick it up!

And, don't make me tell you twice.

NOTE:  If this could only count for my 8 hours of community service I owe the state of California for a litter ticket?  But that, my friends, is another blog post about one expensive orange peel.  #biodegradable