First Adventure: Kayak the Chicago River!

Exciting!  Exciting!  Our very first adventure.  Outdoors, Kayaks, new city....

Chris and I rush to the Kayak harbor and wait patiently.  Yes, Chris got us there 30 minutes early, "Just in case, babe!".  

And, I swear the sun was shining when we got here but something doesn't smell right.  That rain-on-my-adventure smell! 

 As we stare at the Kayaks on the shelves and the lightning sprawls across the skies, we shrug our shoulder out of the fun life vests and re-schedule our adventure.  We feel defeated.  But. we have the following Sunny Sunday to look forward to! 

 First Adventure:  Kayak the Chicago River,  Attempt 2 

We only arrived just 15 minutes early this time.  We had already signed our waivers and we knew the drill.  

Chris and I hopped aboard our kayaks and were ready to be dropped in the River!  Our Kayak leader (sounds like Summer Camp)...our Outdoor Extavaganza-ist, Jay was a very cool "dude".  He wore a bright neon orange hat, covered in tattoos and seriously sounded just like Jason Bateman!  I honestly think (and really I know) Chris had a man crush on him. 

Anyways - so we hop aboard our colorful kayaks and get to "sea" (errr, the Chicago River). 


Away we go on our kayaks.  We are almost childlike as we paddle along on these river slicers and start to get a rhythm.  We were naturals! 

As we glide down the river, our dude of a guide speaks about Chicago and oh, the place we will go.  Around Goose Island, down past some ridiculous chocolate factory that made me feel and smelled like we were  in the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory River, into the lake that pours down into the River, and down to the Trump building (or as our guide shared:  "Trumps Phallus"...he had jokes). 

 You know, it was a really great time.  Getting outdoors, sun is shining, freedom on the river, trying something very new, and really doing something fun with someone you love.  Present, happy and sharing an adventure. 


 I won't lie to you, I tested the relationship towards the end of this boating excursion.  All of the sudden I was starving, and then it really seemed like the way back around the OTHER side of Goose Island  (the return route) never ended and, you know, my arms were weak from all the aforementioned hunger and paddling.  However, Chris prevailed, he handled it in good spirits and "tried" to make it better.  I appreciated his efforts and later apologized over lunch. 

Ahhh sigh, our first adventure for our best life.  

No blackberry tucked into my lifevest, no laptop on the top of my kayak, and just no worries.  

Love life!