Five More Minutes

You know that moment when the alarm goes off early in the morning and you every so intentionally hit the snooze button? You roll back over and tell yourself, “only five more minutes” and there you are  There you are enveloped in that sweet spot in the bed.  You know what I’m talking about: somehow the sheets are a few degrees cooler there, all the fluff has entangled right where you rolled to and the pillow has never felt so soft.  In this moment, you lose all sense of time; you immediately drift back to the sweetest dreams and just snuggle in feeling every feather of your comforter.

Just five more minutes.

This moment after the snooze button in the sweetest feathery comfort is exactly how I feel with my family.  I snuggle deep into the unconditional love of my parents and feel right at home connecting and  chatting with my younger sisters.  Even my family’s dogs seem to surround me with love and at every opportunity; they lay their head on my shoulder on the love seat in the living room or snuggle up with me in bed at night.  I have absolutely no sense of time and I am comfortable both physically and emotionally.  It really is quite magical and yet, so beautifully ordinary.

The past week, I was enveloped in this magical, beautiful and ordinary family love. We did not go on any crazy roadtrips or hit some extravagant beach.  I honestly rarely left the house…ever.   There was a big breakfast a la Grandpa, a run with my Dad, staying up way past my normal bedtime talking with my sisters, time with my Grandparents, lying by the pool reading with my Mother, a family gathering with the perfect amount of summer time beverages outdoors, and a lot, a lot of laughter.

And when the moment came to pack my suitcase today and head back to my sunny home in California with my own loving dog and my hot boyfriend, I had an urge to press snooze again, just five more minutes in the sweet spot that is my family love.

Just five more minutes.