Freedom + Relationship

Freedom + Relationship. The words used to look awkward next to one another.

In the past, I believe I misunderstood relationships, okay - I know I did.  I declared them to be an ultimate compromise. I said to myself, "relationships steal your true identity". Or, "relationships put you in a box and you can't make your own decisions, much less create your own life". The old saying, "the old ball and chain". These gnarly thought patterns at that time, were my truth.

Yet, I realized this morning, in a snap shot of life, as Chris kissed me good-bye and  he turned right down the street on his bike to go coach CrossFit and I turned left on my scooter to go flow on my yoga mat, that we are free.

And I realized, I have never felt such freedom in a relationship, ever.  Maybe in my entire life?  A truth re-created.

I wanted to share with you that it is the most overwhelming and beautiful feeling I have ever felt.  Being loved and respected by someone in a way that embraces your true self, your love of independence, your quirks, ticks and passions.  And even your emotional breakdowns, your stinky feet when you wear purple Vans without socks and your classic romantic comedy movie choices on Netflix over their documentary about World War II.   Even then, still loves you because that is you.

And in this fill-up-my-heart-space-until-tears-spill-from-my-eyes-while-writing-this-blog-post relationship, I am free, free as I'll ever be.  And it feels so right.  It is so right to feel this way.

Be you in love.  Be free in love.