Get Up

In the words of James Brown, "get up offa that thing,  and dance till you feel better"! There are days when I could sit behind this computer for hours and hours on end.  A little Facebook here, a little work email there, perhaps a look at twitter, oh why not and oh look, a new note on LinkedIN and wow, these blogs are amazing.

You see.

However, sitting hunched over on a computer for hours on end does not suit my frame.  I need to get up offa this thing and try to release some pressure.  And there is no better way than a sweet jam a la the James Brown, a run with the dog, a full on dance off in the living room or any type of activity with rad music to bring me back to life.

Press play.  Move.  Your.  Body.

Right now.

Get up.

Get up offa that thing, and make yourself feel better!


Photo credit: here.