Holiday Gift Guide. Let it Snow!

If you are anything like me, you are staring at your list and it is half done.  How does this happen every year?  Here I go, only 13 days until Christmas Day (so excited, p.s.) and I am holiday hustlin'. This year I do declare, tis the season to be jolly and rock your holiday list with intentional giving. 

Thus, I wanted to share with you few of my favorite things to gift friends and family this year:

1)  Choco Vivo's Chocolate Caramel Butter.  This chocolate company is the real deal chocolate: fair trade, no additives, no fillers, no false flavoring, no extracts.  Simple is better.  And seriously, this is the most delicious butter that I add to my coffee each morning and sing more Christmas carols than most humans would.  I literally save money not buying coffee when I am out because nothing tastes as good as what I got at home!  Boom, give the gift of delicious!

2) The Neshama Project's The Ella Necklace.  My dear free-spirited and business savvy friend, Rachelle Tratt has created this heartbeat of a project in remembrance of her Mother, to spread soul one hamsa at a time. You will rarely see a photo of me without my opal hamsa around my neck, which reminds me of patience and connection to my most true self.  Each purchase gives back to a rad organization, thus, you get to gift twice this year.  Beautiful.

HOLIDAY LOVE:  Use the code 'givetwice' and receive 10% off!  Thanks Rachelle!

3) Stronger Faster Healthier's Omega 3 Fish Oil.  Did you know that Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is vitally important to human health?  Fatty, what?  It is true, these fatty acids have the greatest effect on the heart, skin, joints, and brain.  Yes, please!  Know that every single day, Chris asks me, "babe, did you take your fish oil today?".  And I do with a squirt squirt of my fave mint or lemon flavor.  Let's shake it up and give the gift of fish in the most rad and pure liquid form to your loved ones this year, it's fishy fun!

HOLIDAY LOVE: Use code 'APL' for a 10% discount!  Thanks SFH!

4) Tiny Devotions Gold Coast Scarf.  I adore adore adore everything that is Tiny Devotions and I am honored to be an ambassador for this boho chic, yoga loving, mala beading, coffee roasting, awesome company.  This Gold Coast Scarf is the a sweet color combo of purple and gold, reminding me of a recent trip to Australia where they truly know how to surf, cheers and relax.  Wrap it up so they can wrap it in.

5) Social Experiment's Limited Edition Rock Your Bliss Ring.  MB and I collaborated with the amazing Georgia at Social Experiment, a Canadian small business owner with a beautiful mission to bring West Coast Bliss.  We selected the Blue Peruvian Opal as it is known to enhance visioning, support your voice and spark those West Coast vibes to rock the bliss daily.  I also love the Druzy Quartz Cocktails ring as another favorite to bling in the holidays.

6) Muk Luks.  Recently on an adventure to the mountain town that is Idyllwild, CA for my man's big birthday bash, we found these amazing knit slipper socks.  I literally look forward to coming home to put these sock slippers on.  Serious gamechanger in the world of lounge and comfy/coziness.  Don't they just scream holidays, snuggling and a fireplace?  Me thinks, oh yes!


And there you are.  Rock the rest of your Holiday List with thoughtful gifts from radical people.

Have any suggestions of your fav companies and products - please SHARE in the comments.  I love ideas and as you know, I am still shopping!

Happiest Holidays to you and you and you!