This Year, Give the Gift of Goals

Wondering what to get that special someone, that dear friend or amazing family member for the holiday season?  Something unique, a bit different, maybe a bit out there?  I know just the thing!

This holiday, be a goal gifter and give the radical gift of GOALS.

I am looking at my holiday shopping list here, who would this be great for?  Let's see.  Do you:

1) love someone that has more self-help books on the shelf than the self-help section at Barnes & Noble?

2) have a friend with ideas on ideas on ideas and ready to get into radical action?

3) know someone that would love a goal setting session to set 2014 oh so right?

4) have a sibling that enjoys 80's music and would love new tools to live a life they love?

5) know a co-worker ready to take it to the next level with their health, personal or career goals?

6) have a special someone that needs that goals boost?

If you said: "Yes, yes and yes!  I do believe I have these people on my list and I know they would love to rock goals with you, Jacki Carr!"

Then I must ask you, are you giving the gift of goals this year, or what?  #goalgifter

EXCLUSIVE:  For the month of December and my favorite holiday season, with each session(s) or package(s) purchased, your goal-gifted recipient(s) will have access into a closed January Jumpstart Facebook Group run by yours truly.  Starting January 1 through January 31, 2014, together we will share goals, rock the accountability, drop knowledgable weekly tips on goal creation, share rad music to pump you up for the new year and create a community of goalers to rock 2014!

Let's make Facebook-ing feel more creative, inspiring and fun!  BOOM.

NOTE TO YOU:  Yes, you can most definitely give yourself the gift of goals.  Add YOU to that shopping list.

I cannot wait to goal with you and your loved ones in 2014!