Going Home. Gratitude and Scaring Myself.

It is such a beautiful life when you look forward to going 'home'. I have been in Australia for the past two weeks on one amazing adventure with absolutely radical lululemon people down under.  I have experienced Australia in a completely different way than my 19 year old self did when I was here to study abroad.  Just 10 years ago was really 3/4 party, 1/4 school. This trip it was really 50/50.  It is just how the Aussies and I roll.

Sitting at the airport waiting to board the delayed 14 hour flight home to LAX, I am excited.  I have purple and blue butterflies in my heart and belly, so ready to see, hug and kiss my sweet man and our pup, Bear.  I am stoked to see my friends and clink wine glasses to celebrate Fall.  I am excited to make shit happen; this season has landed me in creative town and I am ready to rock the action with my partner in transformational crime, Mary Beth LaRue with our co-created Rock Your Bliss movement.  I have just revealed The Culture People, a networking group for companies with culture that is going to vibrate in the HR game.  Novel Grapes: A Book Club with Wine has made its most awaited return and I am pumped to nerd out over some great reads.  I have new clients ready to rock the goals and returning favorites. I feel refreshed and revived visiting the lululemon teams in Australia and am excited to explore my lululemon possibilities.

On the other side of excitement and gratitude, I must note that the past couple months have felt somewhat of a blur.  Do not get me wrong, I am one grateful human being and have had one of the most BIG years of my life in 2013, both ups and downs, here and there to everywhere in the World. And in this journey, I realize that I have not been scaring the shit out of myself.  Confession: I have been playing it safe and allowing the people around me to make it rad for me.  Dear friends, thank you.  Now, my turn.

So here I am.  I am ready to rock October.  I am connecting with this rad cat on a 30 day challenge to do one thing a day that scares me.  I see a complete registration for improv classes (what?), a business plan and investment request sent, a rad roadtrip, and maybe, just maybe, I learn how to put on eye shadow.

Are you ready to bring it for the rest of 2013?  More details on the challenge come October 1.

Let's get real intentional, real scared and really rad.  Together.

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