An Epic Share

My dear friend wrote me an email this past week and shared with me about his decision to 'make the switch'.  He is currently in the Army and will be going back to school next year to pursue his passion for a Masters in Nutrition Science upon return from Afghanistan and the completion of his service. So, of course, as a curious friend, I ask him why?

And he said:

"I'm switching for the simple fact I know I can contribute more to society than what I am currently doing. Just remember you are your own best guidance counselor. If it's time for a change, rock it."

I thought that was an epic share from the words of someone radically connected to their purpose and making it happen.

So, when considering the old switcharoo, take a note out of my friend's life book and ask yourself, can you be contributing more?

I have a funny feeling that the contribution you are meant to make will not only rock the World, but it might just rock you, too.