Guest Post: From Darkness Comes Light

I met guest writer, Jen Mercuri on our Rock Your Bliss SLO Down, SOUL Up retreat this past September 2014. She has a smile for days, an open heart that lights up a room and an ability to connect with anyone at any time. Her courage and vulnerability added a beautiful lightness to the retreat and we have been friends since. Connected through a moment in time and now linked with ink, I am grateful for you, Jen! __

From Darkness Comes Light. Jen Mercuri

It's worth mentioning for story purposes that at one point in 2014, I had forgotten. I had become undone. Ok, maybe it was 2013 and 2014 but that's not the point of the story. Finding my way back into the light took effort. Huge, picking myself up by the bootstraps effort.

I tried and fell in love with yoga, feeling my soul was at home when I was on a mat. I went on dates. Sat in coffee shops. Got lost on hikes in the woods. Started a gratitude practice. Joined a free fitness movement where I knew not a single human being. I took a solo trip to a yoga retreat in SLO with my then, idols, and now, friends at Rock Your Bliss.

You name it, I tried it all.

When you settle in and embrace what you really want the world gears up to deliver it to you. I went on this retreat and it was through connecting with other like-minded souls that I remembered. I remembered that I am love. That I have an overflowing heart of love to give out. And that I deserve great love to be returned to me.

On the love topic, my cup now runneth over. When you open your heart, it is everywhere. When you love yourself completely. you love the shit out of everyone and their unique personalities. When you give out love, it is returned to you in droves. Life has been bliss since that retreat. I've settled into a fine balance between comfort and growth. I had a goosebumps moment the other day. I felt in that moment, in this journey into myself, overwhelmed by the comfort of knowing I am exactly where I need to be. Not a step ahead or a breath behind.

These feelings of peace, comfort, and confidence that I'm on the right path have included a heck of a lot of work. A daily practice of committing to what I want. The feelings of comfort are well, comforting but what shook me the most from that retreat and my journey is to always be growing. To remember who I am and what magical things I am capable of making.

I was inspired by Jacki telling me of her love of sequoia trees and reason for why she had them tattooed on her body; for their ability to forever grow. Seriously, through forest fires, these bad boys may get a burn mark but they just keep on growing. So from my most recent journey and meeting such an inspirational friend was born my first tattoo. I chose the words "I am" - for whatever words you choose after hold significant power in your life and creates. Connected to "I am" are sequoias to serve as a physical reminder to always choose growth, no matter what life may bring. My oldest friend sketched it. My new friend inspired it. Connections, reminders, forever with me

The journey has been a fun one and I look forward to all the lessons and love filled moments to come.

With all the love, Jen

Cute Jen