Guest Post: What Will I Be?

An email and attachment landed in my inbox a couple of weeks ago from a woman I have yet to meet, the lovely Jane Rubin. It spoke of a vision, goal celebration and family love.  As you can guess, those are pretty much a few of my favorite things!  I asked Jane to share her story with the World, with you!  Read on friends and be inspired to rock your vision, fully commit and set some radical goals! ___________________________

In the year 2020 I will be 28 years old. I will be working in Chicago as a doctor, because my Dad was a doctor in Chicago too. I would not be married, not yet. I want to still live with my parents in La Grange. I would have a Ford car, I will never litter to make the world a better place to be.  -Lucy Rubin, age 8, in response to the prompt “What Will I Be In 2020?”

Fast forward thirteen years to today, just over 6 years left to complete her goals. Well on her way, my sister, Lucy has been accepted into medical school. She has a Ford car. She does not litter. She makes the World a better place to be.

I asked Lucy to share her tips and tricks to making it happen.  Here is how she got there:

1) Support: Our Mom sent her a stuffed cat, affectionately nicknamed “M-KITTY” to help her study for the M-CAT. Our dad choked up realizing at least one of his daughters followed in his footsteps. We sent care packages, loving text messages, and homemade quinoa bars.

2) Sweat: This girl loves a good run paired with Nike plus. Getting out for a run helped clear her head and refocus on her goal. Last March she crossed her first half-marathon finish line and can’t wait to run her next one this January. She’s also known to frequent spin and Dailey Method barre classes.

3) Simple: She knew what she wanted.  When you know what you want, dedication to a goal does not feel like a sacrifice.  She spent her weekends studying instead of day-drinking. We joked that her boyfriend was Edgar King, the name of the library at her school. She took MCAT practice test after practice test after practice test.  And yes, she exceeded even her own expectations when she showed up to take the actual test. She wrote essays, she interviewed, she was accepted.

She was accepted!

Into medical school. The hard work over the past three and a half years was all there, wrapped up in that acceptance. She is going to be a Doctor.

Luce, thanks for constantly checking in with me and holding me accountable for my goals. I’m wildly proud of you, your hard work, and your accomplishments. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for the future; you will be a wonderful, compassionate doctor. I love you!

NOTE:  Mom and Dad, There are no promises she won’t still be living with you at age 28.

About Jane: Jane Rubin is a Chicagoan who loves lakefront runs, early mornings, and "The 59th Street Bridge Song" by Simon and Garfunkel. She is constantly inspired by her three sisters, yogi tea quotes, and the white space between the lines.  You can find her hearing heartbeats and writing on her Rara Avis blog, here.