Happy July! Hot Goals!

Welcome July!  Summer, you are so sweet! Mind you, I live in Venice Beach so it is literally Summer every single day.  However, as much as my sweet fiance would argue that there are no seasons in SoCal and it never changes, I feel a difference.  The days are longer, the kids are off school, the sun is warmer, the beaches feels alive and the campgrounds are packed.

That being said, we are at the halfway mark of this most transitional 2014.  That is right, you read it here, halfway through the year!  And in realizing this marker, I decided to check in on my goals, connect to my yearly theme and get real about this month.  I often used to share my monthly goals on this blog and I am going to do it right now.  Feel free to share your July goals, too in the comments below and we can rock the accountability!

Giddy up!

1)  I run 100 miles by July 31, 2014.  I am in it to win it with a group of friends and we have started a challenge on the NIKE+ app.  You will begin to notice the hashtag #RUNNHUNDRED on my instagram and social channels.  Going to be a sweaty July.

2) My rad company with Mary Beth LaRue, Rock Your Bliss is hosting our first local SLO Down, SOUL Up Rock Your Bliss retreat in Santa Margarita, CA.  By July 22, we cheers a big glass of Rose to a sold our retreat!

3) All my accounting and bookkeeping is up to date by July 31, 2014.  This is a HUGE goal and one that scares me to write down.  For the love of entrepreneur life and tax life, hold me accountable!

4) Chris and I have completed 4 TO DO list items on our Summer Camp Wedding Adventure List by July 17, 2014.

5) I spend the night in a tent under the stars with Chris and our pups, camping for the win.  Location:  TBD.  By July 15, 2014.

6) I land a paid writing gig for a print/online national magazine, once a month.  By end of month.  Universe + Self, let's get aligned here.

7) I read Eastern Body,Western Mind.  I keep re-reading pages 8 - 15 and have not been able to keep reading, so much juice in those 5 pages alone!  Join in and we can discuss the book!

That seems right, seven goals for the seventh month of 2014.

I have also selected a theme this month.  I am really going for it.  As I said, 2014 has been so transitional (for me), I am up in the air one month and so rooted the next.  I am engaged this month and planning a wedding the next.  I am tired as sh*t last week, and beyond awake today.  You feel me?

So, this month I declare July to rock the intention:  Union of Mind + Body

Wow, it feels so real to share!  Do the same and we will rock this July month!  Happy Summer Summer Summertime!