He is in Love.

Sitting in a Starbucks in Denver, I am secretly watching a well dressed man pace out in the freezing cold. He has on a trendy blue blazer, nice brown boots, a plaid scarf and trendy horn rimmed glasses.  His hair is perfectly molded, or frozen, either of them are really working for him. He has ear buds in and is smiling and laughing uncontrollably as he has his arm extended for the FaceTiming he is engaging in. I think he is in love.

I cannot hear him speaking, but who stands outside in seven degree weather in front of the Starbucks for everyone to see with not a care in the World? And, I saw him fix his hair and throw his scarf on for the Facetime sesh, you know.

Totally a man in love.

I imagine him speaking to his partner who is perhaps on a work trip to Thailand. His style is too great, I definitely have deemed him gay and already texted my best friend about the gay men in Denver and how he should come visit. Via Facetime love and my imagination, they have probably been dating about seven months, madly miss one another and have dropped the "i love you" message just one month prior.

He truly is a joy to watch. You know, in a non-creepy, why yes, I am watching you from Starbucks and smiling kind of way.

Note to Self: Make friends in Denver sooner than later.

And so you know, I have deemed 2015 a year of LOVE. That is my word. That is my intention. My message.

Obviously it is fitting, I am getting married this year and love is a major must when you pick up your life, move across states and rock a new space in the Rocky Mountains. It is a practice. It is a focus. It is a choice.

I told my man this intention and he asked me, 'but, isn't that what you do all the time. Love?".

I said, nope. Not me. I can easily go into comparison mode, judgement mode, lack mode, despair mode at the drop of a hat or an instagram cruise. Not that those are my knee jerk reactions, per se. However, the yoga and running I partake in is on purpose, so I can reflect and see more presence, love and connection.

The last time I truly practiced love was when I was a writer on my first blog, Snob on a Bus. I remember the shift when I chose to see love on the LA bus system versus all the drama, fear and weirdness. Gamechanger. And so, here I am 2015. I am here for the love in all forms - with my fiance, within myself, with the world, with the mystery, with goals, with human connection, with you!

Join me. Make love an intentional choice this year.