Honored, Humble and Happy from the Hustle

I want to talk to you about space, creating space, the hustle and feeling humble. Two months ago I left an amazing job at lululemon athletica to open space for my own company, my own voice, and my big dreams.  It was (is) scary, exciting, stressful and somehow peaceful, invigorating, empowering, and crazy all at the same time.  You don't know what exactly will fall into place, you don't know when your client list will be full and you don't necessarily know exactly what you are doing.  Really.  But let me tell you what, I am spent and alive!  This past week is a week to remember.  Warning:  Stop reading now if you do not want to hear me toot my own horn or share what I am getting up to this in radical new space.  However, I believe in the celebration of it all, so here I go, like whoa:

I rocked a Goals & Grapes event (yes, that means goals meets lots of wine, so crushed grapes) for 5 amazing women, hosted by an old friend of mine who bought the entire 2 hour workshop for her friends for the holidays.  Hello GOAL GIFTER!  We sang outloud, drew on large post-it notes w/ smelly markers on the walls, we grounded in our values and we spoke outloud to the World what we really wanted.  And oh snap, we got real and we got accountable. It was powerful.  It is powerful. Radical Women. Personal Connection. Speaking what You really really Want. Magic.  NOTE:  Adding this to my services pronto, as I felt so alive in this work.

I planned a holiday soiree for an amazing company I so full heartedly believe in, Seek Retreat.  I am doing PR, Media and Event consulting for them, and let me tell you, I love the hustle of the start-up life and the feeling of a team/family vibe in our little office in one of the co-Founders' apartment in Venice.  And wow, speaking of the party, the yoga community came out to connect, sip sweet cocktail mixes and rock to amazing music. And yes, Christmas Vacation was streaming in the background and there was a plank-off. Major holiday celebration in a yoga gathering that felt oh so right.  BOOM.

I got on the mountain and I hiked with amazing humans.  One morning a rad couple (one of whom is pregnant) who is creating a video business and they hiked up a trail to coach me through my first Goals on the Rocks video.  Coming soon!  And yesterday morning, I hiked with a young couple who are dancers creating art with movement.  And let me tell you, I was moved from our conversation in Red Rocks.  Goals and dance workshops, any takers? Human connection and collaboration on a mountain for the win, always.

And my heart burst every time I connected w/ my sweet list of goal getting clients this week.  Connecting in person or via phone, you fill my soul with joy.  I have the most amazing opportunity to work with people ready to take it to the next level, launch their goals and speak their truth.  Be it session 1 or session 8, I am inspired every day by the connection, the choice and the holy-shit-big-life courage that oozes from these gamechangers. The World is ready and I am honored to be in your corner cheering you on, wiping your sweat and high fiving.  For real.

And so today I sit on my couch in my living room, Christmas tree lit, Muk Luk sock-slippers on. I am pretty lovestruck from a hot date I had with my man last night and this smile won't go away. I am choosing to take Saturday slow with sips of creamy coffee, a dog walk, chats with my Grandma's and Christmas music on low.  My feet are up.  My body is relaxed.  And I feel grateful.  So effing grateful.

I have said it before and I will say it again, when you get up to a life you love, the entire World pays attention, unites to bring it forth with you and hold you so able when it seems so impossible.  Never have I ever had more people reach out to connect and share with me, be it a goal, gratitude or an article to inspire.  Thank you.  Never have I ever had more entrepreneurs reach out and share in the hustle that is creating from the most radical space that is YOU.  I feel you.  And, never have I ever seen my friends and acquaintances band together to lift my business slowly but surely off the ground with me, together. Tears swell to be surrounded by people like you.  Yes, you.

I know this open space isn't for everyone, but damn, you might just want to try it some day.  It is juicy, magic and vulnerable to the max.  I cry more, lean more, laugh more, check my bank account more, ask for help more and love more.

I am honored by the hustle.  I am humbled by the hustle.  And I am happy from the hustle.

Cheers to you.  And well, cheers to me.