Human to Human, Are You Friendly?

I have two dogs, one is a stout 30lbs of a black and brown Terrier mix named Bear and the other is a 5 month old lean 30lbs of a brindle tiger-print Labweiler mix named Moose.  They are both beyond friendly and are almost offended when people do not stop to pet them on the street. Moose.Bear.Beach

While on a longer walk this weekend in Venice, a sweet baggy-pants backwards hat over messy hair skaterboy of a sign-twirler took out his headphones and as we were approaching him, he asked me, "are they friendly?".

I answered with a resounding yes as their tails were ferociously wagging at the inkling that someone might provide attention to their sweet furry faces.  He knelt down and there were licks, hugs, and major dog love going on as they both knocked one another out-of-the-way for the skaterboy's attention.  Note:  Still working on that whole training thing.

As we walked away from the intersection and the interaction, I thought about the common phrase of "Are they friendly" when people are approaching dog owners.  There is the desire for interaction, there is a cautious way and respect pre-interaction to the owner and their furry beast(s), and there is an inquiry for (puppy) love.

What if this is the same for human interaction?

Are we all walking around with the same desire for interaction, with a cautious respect for one another, wanting love and connection with the simple question, "Are you friendly"?

I believe we are.

I believe we are all out there in the World either hiding in our iPhones (guilty) and choosing not to make eye contact (guilty again), OR we are out there in the World choosing to look up, internally inquire, connect and be vulnerable enough for interaction, love, rejection, friendship, fun....  Within the question, 'are you friendly', we allow ourselves to be curious and open to even the slightest possibilities of human interaction and invite others to enjoy us.  

And you all know what comes from human interaction:  the experiences that create our lives (the amazing and the weird), the human version of tail wagging that is a high five that cause shifts, the connection to future goals and the sparks that start an all out love fire.

Funny how it works that way.  Humans and dogs.  All the same.  We want connection and love.  Simple.

So I have a question for you, human to human, are you friendly?  Just asking.