Twas a Hungry Monday

I started the week off in a rush.  I had an early morning conference call and poured out of bed on Monday with ear buds already in my ear and did not rock any of my morning rituals.  Skipping normal human activities like: food, getting dressed, time with dog via walk in sun, some hot decaf drink of choice ... the likes. And thus, the course of my Monday was rushed, stressful and hungry.  Yes, a day can be classified as hungry.

I remember looking at my clock at 3:50pm that day, knowing I had a yoga class scheduled for 4:15pm. I was still sitting behind my computer not in yoga clothes.  I went through the debate in my head and it went like this:

"Should I go?  Should I stay and get work done?  Should I cancel on my friends that I told I was coming?  I haven't really eaten enough today for this hot class. Oh man, I hate being late, if I am going, I really should have left 2 minutes ago. So, maybe I will not go.  Wow, this has been a shit day, I really should go, I could use the yoga."

(Note the irony in the time wasted with that craziness in my head, actually contributing to the rush)

Finally after the absurd and ridiculous two minute excuses debate, I decided to go. Naturally, as Monday would have it, I rushed.

Sweat, breath and a lot of child's pose later, I felt better. And I committed to slow it down for the week. It feels way better and no one wins when I am rushed.

And when I say I committed, I really committed to slow it down. Tuesday came along and I went to open my computer first thing and paused to instead grab the dog leash. That afternoon I went to grab the Vespa keys and paused to instead grab the bike lock keys and take that one speed beach cruiser. I meant to post this blog on Tuesday, but alas it is Friday.

So what I am telling you is: get your ass to yoga. No, no just kidding. What I am sharing is that every day you have choice to re-create the direction. Find a way to check yourself before your wreck yourself, let go of excuses and shift.

Actually, you can do it right now!